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Barry M. Weinman
  • Managing Director and Co-Founding Partner Emeritus, Allegis Capital
  • General Partner, AVI Capital
  • Former Operating Executive
  • 25 Years Venture Capital Experience
  • Venture Partner for MTV-V

Barry Weinman has been making venture capital investments, principally in Silicon Valley, since 1980. He is Co-Founder and former Managing Director of Allegis Capital and AVI Capital. Barry and his partners in Allegis and prior funds have helped over 70 private companies go public. Barry has led and participated in investments resulting in over $25 billion in market value, including: Palm (NASDAQ), Cypress Semiconductor (NYSE), Caere (NASDAQ), Cadnetix (NASDAQ), Columbia/HCA (NYSE), (NASDAQ), Medscape (NASDAQ), Liveworld (NASDAQ), InfoGear (CSCO), Be Inc (NASDAQ), Quokka (NASDAQ), and XOMA (NASDAQ).

Prior to becoming a venture capitalist, Barry held management positions with AT&T, IBM, and Fairchild Semiconductor. He co-founded Interactive Applications Inc., the first on-line manufacturing software and services company, merged it with Boole & Babbage which went on to have an Initial Public Offering. In 2005 he became Chairman of DragonBridge Capital a Merchant Bank and Venture Fund in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Barry holds a B.S. from Clarkson College of Technology, and an M.A. from the London School of Economics / University of Southern California.