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“I was impressed how quickly Pete and Allegis Capital saw the potential of Ribbit's cloud-based telecom platform. As a Ribbit board member, Pete's input and perspective was instrumental in helping us keep a focus on creating value and getting paid for that value. In a tough economic environment, this input was key in helping us build a business based on solid fundamentals leading Ribbit to a successful exit to BT”

—Ted Griggs, Ribbit


We believe that when you are trying to build a brand, penetrate highly competitive markets, find new channels of distribution and grow market share, experience matters. Our ability to immediately partner entrepreneurs with seasoned executives in established multi-national corporations has enabled us to stand out as a preferred venture capital partner. We have seen innovators learn from blue-chip partners and our corporate partners learn through first-hand experience with new technologies and delivery platforms, enabling them to more strategically optimize decision making. We know that pairing the pioneers with the veterans produces superior returns and a "win-win" environment in which great solutions are born.


Our 35 corporate partners have been carefully selected because of specific expertise in their executive teams, the power of their brand and market positions in key consumer and business markets and their complementary (versus competitive) relationships with each other, thereby multiplying the size and potential of our combined network for entrepreneurs.

At Allegis, we have assembled a unique team of General Partner and Venture Partners who are committed to actively working with our portfolio companies to find the connections they need to succeed. Our team is involved in a hands-on way, working to find the best points of leverage within our corporate partners. This enables entrepreneurs to access operating executives, to test environments to validate new product concepts, provides market intelligence, and aids branded distribution networks.


Allegis invests in seed and early-stage startup companies developing enabling technology and infrastructure which serve emerging information technology markets. We look for opportunities offering proprietary technology and defensible product/market advantages:

  • enabling hardware devices
  • software solutions
  • broadband and wireless delivery technologies
  • internet delivery platforms and services

Typically we base our investments around the following parameters:

  • Lead investor; will partner with other VC's
  • $3-5 million initial investment
  • Target 20% ownership of the company at first investment
  • Board Seat
  • Capital support for subsequent financings


Allegis Capital was originally formed within AVI Capital, a well-established high-technology seed and early-stage venture capital firm dating to 1982. AVI Management III was a sponsor and member of the General Partner in the original Media Technology Ventures, L.P. fund.